Curing a mate cup

9 09 2010

*Argentina´s secrets

Mate de Palo Santo fileteado by Ester Carrizo

Curar el mate : the process of adapting this cup and take the benefit of the infusion.

Do you want to become a “matero” ?? I recommend that you learn to Cure a mate always before your first drink!
Mate cups made of “ Palo Santo” (Holly wood , Bulnesia sarmientoi) became trendy because is appreciated for the skin-healing properties and to treat stomach problems.
This conteiner must be treated to seal it avoiding cracks and the inner walls will be able to be impregnated with the “spirit of the yerba”
It’s simple but part of the ceremony like japanese and tea!

First day: Spread butter inside and leaved it for 24 hours, leave it to settle
it will melt down and will penetrated in the porous of the wood (protects the wood from cracking, and ensures a long flavour release) . rinse with hot water.
Second day: fill 3/4 full with yerba and pour hot water over the leaves and fill to the top. Leave for 24 hours, rinse and You´re ready to Enjoy a real argentinian Mate!!!




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