El secreto de sus ojos

3 02 2010

A guy can change anything. His face, his home, his family, his girlfriend, his religion,his God. But there’s one thing he can’t change. He can’t change his passion…

Argentina’s official submission to the Best Foreign Language Film category of the Oscars and the movie was Argentina’s highest-grossing in 2009

El secreto de sus ojos  is at one and the same time a love story – actually two – a suspense/crime whodunit, a bosom buddy caper, a meditation on memory, a meditation on justice and vengeance/revenge.

the film demonstrates an incredible grasp and understanding of classic Hollywood genres such as the crime thriller, film noir and screwball comedy, and brings it all together to present a story of revisiting a criminal case in 1974 that involved the rape and murder of a young married woman.

The film weaves back and forth between the past and present, between details of what happened in the form of flashbacks and conversations about what might have really happened in the present.

this film was shot partially in "los 36 Billares"

the coffee scene in the movie

Directed by Juan José Campanella with Ricardo Darín, Soledad Villamil, Pablo Rago and Guillermo Francella.




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