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5 06 2009

“In Argentina: If women companions are at the table, do not talk shop even if you are a woman visiting this country for business. Try another time and place for this sort of discussion…”

Wrote a LA travel examiner  about worst and best talking points. Journalist Jane Lasky has reviewed hotels, spas and cruises for 30 years. During her travels, she survived a slip into quicksand near Nairobi, crossed the Bering Sea in a 9/10 gale storm, and went on a five-day assignment to Hong Kong where she stayed for three years.

Argentina became a trendy topic in blogs, magazine and travel sites… Now winter season is starting and international economic problems and global sickness don´t stop tourism coming to this country…

you should listen Jane´s advise …. She  always travels with her pillow!!




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11 06 2009
13 06 2009

Which is the very good movie in 2009? Please help!Thank you.

3 07 2009

I’m a newbie from Kansas.
Really like this forum so far and am looking forward to contributing!

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